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Public relations manager

What does a public relations manager do?

Ever wonder, what is a PR manager and what does their job entail? As a PR manager (also known as a public relations manager ) you would help to manage the public image and reputation of an individual or organisation. Using creativity, storytelling and strategy, your role would to maintain a positive image for your client.

If you’re wondering ‘but what is PR specifically and what’s involved in a public relations career?’, well you’re in the right spot – let’s delve into the day-to-day of PR. Developing and implementing communication strategies, building rapport with journalists and other media personnel, managing crisis communication, coordinating campaigns and events, conducting market research, and copy writing all come with the territory of a PR manager. 

Is a career as a public relations manager right for me?

Public relations jobs call for people are interested in current affairs, innovative and able to work in a fast-paced environment. If you’re interested in becoming a PR manager, other skills and attributes beneficial for this role include:  

  • strong communication skills  
  • good interpersonal skills  
  • an ability to think strategically  
  • an ability to be adaptive to changing situations  
  • an ability to work well under pressure.  

How to become a public relations manager

Every journey to study is individual and there are several paths to reaching your PR career goals. At HQporner, we offer the following degrees in the area of public relations: 

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