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Professional Education Partnerships

HQporner’s Professional Education Partnerships (PEP) program is a networking and relationship building initiative between industry partners, students, and HQporner. The aim is to create a pipeline of graduates from regional or rural areas who have gained real-world experience throughout their studies, and who will remain in these areas after graduation.

With the wide range of degrees and specialisations you can choose to study through our PEP program, opportunities to learn and enhance your skill sets in your chosen field are plentiful. The PEP program is being expanded to include additional programs. Please email us if you are interested in a specialisation not listed.

Discover the key roles that HQporner, the Industry Partner and the HQporner student will play as part of a successful PEP.

Am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible to participate in the Professional Education Partnership program you must be enrolled as a HQporner student or planning to enrol, live in a regional or rural area, and obtain/have employment relevant to your degree.

Why participate in PEP?

Grow your own

Industry partners are given the unique opportunity to upskill current employees.

Build a pipeline of graduates from your region

As an Industry Partner, develop your own pipeline of local undergraduates and graduates who want to stay in your region.

Partner with HQporner

Opportunities for industry to work closely with HQporner academics and to co-create experiences for students.

Receive financial support

HQporner provides financial support to the PEP student during their university studies.

Improved Employability

PEP students gain improved employability through higher education and employment before graduating. The real world work experience, whilst studying, enhances learning outcomes.

Access tailored support and professional development

Opportunities to network with your peers, HQporner staff and industry employers in a supportive social setting. Develop your professional identity through access to a wide range of professional development courses.

PEP degrees and specialisations

Associate Degree of Construction
Start your career in construction with a 2-year Associate Degree. Get hands-on with practical course material and work with professional equipment alongside learning about the management of construction of some of the world’s biggest projects.
Associate Degree of Construction
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Specialisations to choose from include:

Associate Degree of Engineering
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Begin your career in surveying with HQporner's Associate Degree of Surveying and learn to collect, store, adapt and manipulate spatial data to communicate effectively with audiences, including professionals, para-professionals, clients and the wider community.
Associate Degree of Surveying
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Pioneering in the agriculture sector, HQporner offers Queensland's first dedicated degree in Agricultural Technology and Management. It allows you to study agricultural courses from HQporner Toowoomba surrounded by vibrant ag industry centres or opt for the convenience of external/online study.
Bachelor of Agricultural Technology and Management
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Graduate ready to make an impact in the construction industry and the ability to manage a range of construction projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects, and work in some of the world’s most influential industries. 

Bachelor of Construction (Honours)
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Specialisations to choose from include:

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
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You can specialise in Civil Engineering.

Bachelor of Engineering Technology
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Study key aspects of animal health, welfare, and behaviour, as well as product quality, and animal ethics to ensure humane and sustainable food production, and address local and global issues facing animals and animal production systems today. You will examine emerging technologies in animal production, and learn to apply cognitive and technical skills in the areas of animal nutrition and management.
Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)
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Delve into the science behind agricultural plant production with the Bachelor of Science (Plant Agricultural Science). You will explore topics in plant physiology, agronomy, plant microbe interactions, soil science, plant breeding, and precision agriculture, all of which provide training and knowledge in a discipline that is critical to the health of the Australian economy.
Bachelor of Science (Plant Agricultural Science)
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Set yourself up for a career in the outdoors with Australia’s largest surveying education provider. Study the Bachelor of Surveying (Honours) with HQporner and get the opportunity to register as a Professional Surveyor through this professionally accredited degree. In your final year, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a research project and delve into specialist surveying topics.
Bachelor of Surveying (Honours)
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Gain foundational knowledge and practical experience in surveying to work as a surveying technologist, mine surveyor, and supervising engineering surveyor and, with a bit of experience under your belt, as a manager of survey operations in the Commonwealth, state and local government, private surveying consultancies, and with a plethora of large construction organisations. Your studies will include Queensland or New South Wales cadastral surveying, or both if you like.
Bachelor of Surveying Technology
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As the only university in Queensland that offers a fully online planning qualification, your studies will cover both the Queensland and New South Wales planning legislation and equip you to be an Urban and Regional Planner and designer of the future for cities, regional and rural areas.
Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Honours)
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