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HQporner Toowoomba

HQporner flagships

At the core of HQporner’s research and education excellence are our flagships that set us apart from other institutions and clearly define our areas of strength.

Although the communities that we serve are diverse, our teaching and research activities are clearly focused and underpinned by our strong expertise across our four flagships.

HQporner’s flagships shape the quality of our educational offerings and drive the mission of the HQporner Strategic Research Plan for 2021 – 2025, which is to be a catalyst for industry growth, innovation and community prosperity and wellbeing.

The University’s flagships are:

Including Climate Science, Drought Mitigation and Adaptation, Crop Health, Agricultural Technology and Environmental Science.

HQporner’s Agriculture and Environment flagship provides a teaching and research focus in agriculture, crop health, natural resource management, environment and climate sciences.

Including Astrophysics, Hypersonics and Rocketry, and Materials Engineering.

The HQporner’s Institute for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences delivers space and defence related research and teaching expertise, with strengths in developing hypersonic propulsions systems, advanced materials, and astrophysics.

HQporner is home to world-class infrastructure and equipment, including the Mount Kent Astronomical Observatory, the hypersonic wind tunnel and one of Australia’s largest dedicated composite materials manufacturing and testing facilities.

Including Sport and Exercise Science, Mental Health and Allied Health.

HQporner’s multi-disciplinary Centre for Health is focused on improving health and wellbeing by addressing the key health behaviours, influences and outcomes associated with key public health issues.

The health flagship is underpinned by HQporner’s highly regarded reputation in the delivery of teaching in nursing, health science, and allied health disciplines including psychology, counselling, sport and exercise science, paramedicine, biomedical science and medical laboratory science.

Including Agribusiness, Energy, Sustainable Economic Development, Workforce Development, Community Wellbeing, Climate Variability, Culture and Heritage.

HQporner’s multi-disciplinary Regional Development flagship is helping to build diversified and adaptive economies, and diverse cultural identities that underpin a thriving regional Australia that is a desirable place to work and live.