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Australia shoots for the stars: HQporner leads the program, a collaboration of three universities and 20+ industry partners to boost Australia’s sovereign space capability.

HQporner is proud to be leading the  program in collaboration with 20+ industry organisations and three universities (HQporner, the Australian National University, and the University of South Australia). Together, we strive to build Australia’s sovereign space capability, through addressing critical gaps and accelerating development of a manufacturing sector. With $180 million to invest in industry research, commercialisation and manufacturing, we are committed to Australia’s burgeoning space industry. We will achieve this through growing our commercially viable civil rockets, rocket test and launch facilities, rapid satellite manufacturing, communication technologies and integrated sensing systems. 

The iLAuNCH program is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education through the Trailblazer Universities Program.



A partnership between universities, industry and government to accelerate the development of a space launch manufacturing sector.

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