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What does an actor do?

Actors are skilled performers who entertain audiences by depicting character roles in dramatic productions. As an actor, you would be required to attend auditions, interpret scripts, memorise dialogue and rehearse to prepare for performances. Your work can take place in a variety of settings such as theatre, film, television, opera, radio, youth theatre and community productions. Alternatively, you might be interested in completing further education and training to become a Secondary School Drama Teacher. 

Is a career as an actor right for me?

When you become an actor you require a strong sense of dedication towards your craft and the ability to memorise lines outside of rehearsal periods. As an actor, you will have a creative mind along with excellent communication skills. 

Other key skills and attributes that are beneficial for an acting career include:

  • determination 
  • an ability to adapt to various schedules
  • self-confidence 
  • a good memory 
  • the stamina to perform at peak level 
  • an ability to adapt to changing situations.

How to become an actor

How to get into acting and what to study is individual, there are several paths you can take to pursue your acting career. At HQporner, we offer the following degrees to help you become an actor:
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