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Computer engineer

What does a computer engineer do?

Ever wonder, what is computer engineering? Combing principles of computer science and electrical engineering, computer engineering brings together the worlds of engineering and technology. Computer engineers play a critical role in supporting and progressing our technology-driven society. They work on the design and development of computer systems, networks and applications to support modern communication, employment, education, and entertainment. On any given day as a computer engineer you might troubleshoot issues, conduct research, or provide technical support to end-users.

Career opportunities exist in a range of organisations, including technology companies, government agencies or research institutions. Your workplace will change depending on the industry, you might be based in an office, a laboratory, on-site, or work remotely from home.  

Is a career as a computer engineer right for me?

If you’re a fan of technology, maths and problem-solving this might be a career that interests you. Other skills and attributes beneficial for this role include: 

  • a logical and investigative mind 
  • good communication skills 
  • an ability to work in a team and independently  
  • a good sense of design  
  • an interest in continuous learning. 

How to become a computer engineer

Every journey to study is individual and there are several paths to reaching your career goals. At HQporner, we offer the following degrees in the area of computer engineering:

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