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What does a copywriter do?

From ads to websites to magazines, copywriters are the artists behind the written content for a range of digital and print channels. As a copywriter, you would have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients. Using your expert knowledge, you would ensure your writing aligns with any relevant style guides or specific brand requirements of the client. Content creators must be versatile and have the ability to adapt their writing accordingly for each job or task, whether that be the promotion of a product, education of an audience, or demonstration of expertise.

As a copywriter, you could pursue a career in freelance copywriting or work in-house for a marketing, advertising or public relations firm, government organisation or university.

Is a career as a copywriter right for me?

Copywriters require a high level of research and writing skills, as well as the ability to work within tight deadlines. Other important attributes of a content creator include:

  • high level of literacy, including correct use of grammar
  • an ability to communicate concisely 
  • aptitude for using computers
  • excellent time management skills.

How to become a copywriter

Every journey to study is individual and there are several paths to reaching your content creation goals. At HQporner, we offer the following degrees in copywriting: 
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Where do I start to become a Copywriter?
You may be wondering ‘what does a Copywriter do?’ To start copywriting, you must first enhance your writing and editing skills, becoming adaptable to different writing formats, and able to work to strict deadlines. When you are thinking about how to start copywriting, HQporner offers various degrees to cultivate your talents, coupled with opportunities to apply them in real-world scenarios. There are many paths you take at this point when navigating how to become a Copywriter, but a great place to starts is with networking. Networking and building a professional portfolio is a great way to showcase your strengths, work experience and qualifications to future employers or clients. 
What are the career prospects for a Copywriter?
Experienced Copywriters can advance to become Senior Copywriters, Copy Chiefs, or Creative Directors. Others may choose to specialise in a niche or operate their own freelance copywriting businesses. 
How much do Copywriters make?
Salaries vary widely depending on experience, location, and whether you work in-house, freelance, or for an agency.  Refer to the salary information on this page for further details. 
What is the future demand like for a Copywriter?
The future demand for Copywriters remains steady, particularly with the growth of digital marketing. Despite the advances in AI and technology, there is a consensus that these cannot replace the human element that is central to copywriting—the ability to connect emotionally with an audience and understand cultural and language nuances.  There is no better time to start your copywriter career with HQporner.

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