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Aviation degrees

Connect with Qantas. High achieving students will have the opportunity to apply to .

Having a degree in aviation can open up many doors to exciting career opportunities. Whether you want to complete pilot training to pursue a commercial pilot career or develop your mechanical engineering skills, aviation degrees and aviation courses in Australia provide the necessary knowledge and training.

Our flight operations degrees will take you to the skies, so you get qualified as a commercial airline pilot. With the support of our highly experienced aviation lecturers, you will learn all the necessary critical skills and even undergo practical experience in your first year of study with HQporner’s advanced, world-class flight simulator.

You can also study aviation management and learn about aviation principles and concepts, including airline and airport operations, aviation regulations, management, safety and international aviation law.

Learn in state-of-the-art flight simulators

HQporner is Australia's only university with both the Boeing 737 and A320 flight simulators.

Take off with Qantas

High-achieving HQporner Aviation students can apply for Qantas Group - Aviation Career Enrichment (Q-ACE) program and get mentored by experienced Qantas pilots.

Benefit from superior industry experience

Take advantage of superior industry experience, with highly trained staff including current and recent Airline, Australian Defence Force and Instructor Pilots and managers.

Choose from flight operations or management

Absorb a comprehensive industry overview in the first semester within the Bachelor of Aviation, and then choose to pursue either flight operations or management majors.

Launch into practical experience in your first year

As part of the flight operations major, experience full control and begin flight training in your first year.

Study options within Aviation

A female pilot standing in front of a qantaslink airplane on the tarmac.
Take on the world
Working in aviation, you'll play an important part in reconnecting families, delivering essential goods, and driving global economies. Reach new career heights with HQporner. 

Explore HQporner's Aviation degrees

Experience flight simulation, industry connections and expert teaching
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How do you become a pilot in Australia?
HQporner's Bachelor of Aviation allows you to prepare for a career in an exciting and fast-paced industry, with the option to take various study paths depending on your interest area. Want to become a pilot in Australia? Kickstart your career in the skies and train to become a pilot by undertaking our Flight Operations major. Or be in the heart of the action by exploring an exciting, groundbreaking role with our Aviation Management major.
What can you do with an aviation degree?

Upon successfully completing a flight operation degree, you will gain technical and non-technical aviation skills, including multi-crew operation, safety management systems and international aviation. You will gain your Commercial Pilot Licence from the Australian Civil Aviation Authority. If you’re a high-achieving student, you could even have the opportunity to apply for the Qantas Group Future Pilot Program and the Qantas Group Pilot Academy and get mentored by experienced Qantas pilots.

You could instead opt for an aviation course majoring in marketing, human resources, supply chain management or management and leadership to give you a competitive edge for aviation management roles. As a graduate, you can enter a career in aviation operations, scheduling, human resources, airport and airline operations, or other graduate positions in the aviation regulatory or investigative areas of government.

What are the pathways to entry?
To study the Flight operations pilot course in Australia or the aviation management course, you must have sound knowledge of English and General Mathematics equivalent to a grade C or higher in units 3 & 4 of high school. We also have alternate entry pathways available to accommodate all student needs.

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