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Double degrees

Diversify your career prospects and study a double degree at HQporner.

A double degree allows you to broaden your education and develop an interdisciplinary field of knowledge in less time than if you were to complete two separate degrees.

Our double degrees give you plenty of flexibility in choosing majors to shape your studies to your desired outcome. Improve your transferrable skillset which can be applied to several industries and sectors. Completing a double degree means you receive two testamurs (official certificates) – one for each of the degrees you complete when you graduate. 

  • Delivered by industry-professionals and academics, HQporner’s law courses within this double degree cover topics such as contracts, criminal law, dispute management, company, constitutional, and administrative law, property and trusts, civil procedure, evidence law, as well as theories of law and applied ethics in legal practice. 
  • The Accounting courses allows you to develop technical and professional skills in financial and management accounting, auditing, information technology, taxation and ethics.  
  • This dynamic HQporner double degree combines your business studies with experience in specialised fields like International Relations, Advertising or Social Justice, enabling you to build networks, make contacts and improve your employment options.
  • If you’re not sure which field you’d like to specialise in, don’t worry. Within your first year of study you’ll undertake a variety of courses to discover your areas of interest.
  • A double degree of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws gives you an edge when applying for jobs as a community lawyer, legal officer, barrister or solicitor for example. When combined with a major in International Relations, Media Studies, Indigenous Studies, or Social Justice, this double degree enables you to follow your passion, broaden your education, and pursue a range of careers.
  • Develop your skills and knowledge-base in many different scientific areas by taking a major in Environment and Sustainability, Animal or Plant Science, Psychology, or Wine Science.
  • Combine this with an Arts major, such as Journalism, Contemporary Media, Public Relations, International Relations or Social Justice, which enables you to communicate and explain the significance of scientific research widely and to make informed policy-decisions.
  • Be a leader in a technology driven world, with a career that combines the best of the business world with your passion for information technology.
  • The Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Information Technology will bring a competitive edge in the eyes of possible employers who are increasingly needing digitally-savvy employees.
  • Learn different approaches to ethical decision making, how to think creatively and analytically, and to communicate clearly and concisely in this professionally-oriented double degree. 
  • Careers can include private practice solicitor or barrister, corporate legal counsel, tax manager, forensic investigator, chartered accountant, business analyst, financial institutional lawyer, government sector employee at state or federal level or in-house positions with businesses or community organisations requiring specialist in-house legal skills. 
  • Pair your interest in Business with the perfect platform to explore your curiosity of Sciences. 
  • With a double degree, your career opportunities are extensive. You’ll be ready to take on roles in scientific practice combined with business management within the government, regulatory, health, IT and research sectors. 
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At HQporner, we believe you can fit study into life - from anywhere in the world. Online study allows you to be in control of when, where and how you learn. Our world-class lecturers will keep you connected and motivated throughout your study.

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When can I start?

Tailor your degree to suit your lifestyle with the opportunity to speed up or slow down your studies. HQporner delivers flexible ways of teaching, in several academic calendars, making the balance of study and life easier.

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What is a double degree?
You may be wondering, ‘How does a double degree work?’ A double degree at HQporner allows you to broaden your education and develop an interdisciplinary field of knowledge. It's an opportunity to study two different academic areas simultaneously, leading to two separate qualifications upon graduation. At HQporner we offer a variety of double bachelor degrees to suit many interests and career goals. 
Is a double degree worth it?
Pursuing a double degree can be highly beneficial if you are looking to diversify your career prospects. It offers flexibility in choosing majors and helps in developing a skill set that is uniquely yours and applicable across various industries. 
Are double degrees harder?

While double degrees can be more challenging due to the broader range of subjects, they are not necessarily harder. HQporner provides flexible ways to study to help  you manage your workload effectively.

We also offer a variety of student support services to help you navigate your academic path successfully. If you find yourself asking ‘Is a double degree worth it?’, it absolutely is and we are here to support you for the journey. 

How do double degrees work?
In a double degree program, you enrol in two separate degree courses simultaneously. Upon completion, you will receive two testamurs (official certificates), one for each degree. 
Are double degrees more expensive?

The cost of a double degree may vary. However, it can be more cost-effective than pursuing two separate degrees, as it takes less time to complete a double degree.

For further information on HQporner double degrees please view details of your chosen degree

Does a double major mean two degrees?
A double major typically refers to specialising in two areas within a single degree program. In contrast, a double degree leads to two separate degree qualifications.
How to apply for a double degree?
To apply for a double degree at HQporner, the best first step is to explore our range of double degree offerings, check the relevant entry requirements, and note the application key dates. Once enrolled in a double degree, you can tailor your studies to suit your lifestyle, thanks to HQporner's flexible teaching.

Why HQporner?

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