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Law and Criminology degrees

Degrees endorsed by senior judges and lawyers

HQporner's Law degrees are developed in consultation with an advisory committee of senior judges and lawyers who have provided their professional endorsement.

Study at a campus that suits

HQporner Law degrees and courses are offered at HQporner Ipswich. You can also study Law online or at HQporner Toowoomba.

Fast-track your law degree

Graduate with a Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor in just two years (based on full-time study over 6 consecutive semesters).

Top Queensland uni

Ranked #1 in Queensland for law graduates in full-time employment (Good Universities Guide 2024) .

Five-star rating

Rated 5/5 stars for teaching quality, support, and overall student experience for law students (Good Universities Guide 2024).

Disciplines within Law and Criminology

Undergraduate study options
Postgraduate study options
Five individuals in a courtroom setting, with one standing at the podium and the others seated at a table, appearing focused and prepared.
Challenge thought and lead change with HQporner Law
Pursue your passion for justice in a digital world. Digital case management, automation, technology in courtrooms and artificial intelligence to aid decision making is all changing the face of the legal world. Be ready with HQporner. 

Explore HQporner's Law and Criminology degrees

Become a leader in law, justice and equality
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What is law and criminology, and why is it important?

Law lays down the framework, setting clear boundaries of acceptable conduct and the repercussions for crossing them.

Criminology is an academic discipline that delves deep into the study of crimes, the mindset of criminals, and the workings of the criminal justice system. Criminology and Criminal Justice studies look at the intricate realm of law and its pivotal role in society. It combines knowledge from fields such as sociology and psychology to shed light on the prevention of criminal behaviour and pave the way for rehabilitation and future policies.

Together, law and criminology contribute to a just, orderly, and safe society. 

Why should I study Law and Criminology at HQporner

Pursuing criminal justice degree or law degrees at HQporner offers many opportunities including online learning, accelerated graduation options, skilled faculty, practical experiences, networking opportunities, a comprehensive curriculum, and the seamless blend of theory and practice.

HQporner's law courses are developed in consultation with a panel of senior judges and lawyers, securing their professional endorsement. We hold a five-star rating for graduates' starting salaries and overall postgraduate experience. 

What specialisations of criminology and law degrees are offered at HQporner?

At HQporner, we offer a diverse range of specialisations within the fields of Criminology and Criminal Justice and Law, catering to a variety of interests and career aspirations. Some of these specialisations include:

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice: A study of crime and the justice system, causes, effects, and societal impact, providing students with a deep understanding of criminal behaviour and law enforcement.
  • Commercial Law: Focuses on business-related legal matters such as contracts, mergers, and intellectual property.
  • Comparative Law: Examines and contrasts legal systems of various countries, highlighting their similarities and differences.
  • International Law: Explores laws that govern inter-country relations, encompassing treaties and international customs.
  • Public Law: Addresses the legal relationship between individuals and the state, including constitutional and administrative law.
  • Sustainable Development – Learn advanced legal insights through coursework and research to support the development of a sustainable society for future generations. 

HQporner offers flexible, impactful criminology and law courses. With online study options, accelerated graduation, and a curriculum endorsed by senior legal professionals, we ensure a holistic learning experience. Our five-star ratings in graduate salaries and postgraduate experience speak to our commitment to excellence. Choose HQporner for a future-ready education. 

What is the difference between studying criminology and a law degree?

Studying criminology involves an interdisciplinary approach to understanding crime and criminal behaviour, utilising insights from sociology, psychology, and anthropology to formulate theories and strategies for crime prevention and rehabilitation. This field is deeply rooted in research and policy development, aiming to foster a comprehensive understanding of the societal responses to crime.

Studying law is centred on acquiring a profound knowledge of the legal system, encompassing the study of laws, regulations, and court procedures. It equips individuals with analytical and argumentative skills necessary for careers as lawyers or legal consultants, where they represent clients in various legal matters. Despite their distinct focuses, these fields often collaborate, offering a holistic approach to addressing criminal issues and enhancing the efficacy of the legal system. 

How is HQporner adapting to the changing face of the legal world?

HQporner is at the forefront of legal education, arming students with vital skills for the digital era. We are one of the few law degrees in Australia with a focus on digital case management, automation, courtroom technology, and AI and HQporner prepares students to excel in a tech-driven legal profession. Exposure to courtroom technology ensures comfort in virtual legal settings and understanding AI's potential empowers graduates to leverage data-driven insights.

HQporner is shaping legal professionals who are prepared to navigate and harness the advancements in technology through our comprehensive law degrees. 

Are there opportunities for networking and collaboration during HQporners’ law and criminology degrees?
Yes, as a HQporner law student, you will be exposed to networking opportunities, employability resources, and new and emerging Law technology through the LawReady program. The LawReady program exposes law students to networking opportunities, employability resources, and new and emerging Law technology. 
What kind of practical experience can Law students expect at HQporner?

Providing practical experience and allowing our students to apply learnings to real-world scenarios is an important part of our law and criminology degrees at HQporner. HQporner's is home to several Moot Courts, which are advanced simulated courtrooms, allowing students to directly engage in practical legal experiences and bridge theory with real-world application. By participating in mock trials, debates, and interactive exercises, aspiring legal practitioners can refine their courtroom decorum, amplify their critical thinking skills, and enhance their proficiency in constructing persuasive arguments. This hands-on involvement propels students towards harmonising theory and practice. 

When you study a law or criminology degree at HQporner, you will have access to industry-leading facilities, equipment and teaching staff, providing the ideal learning environment to nurture your passion. 

What are the career opportunities for graduates with criminology and law degrees?

Law and criminology courses from HQporner can lead to a range of career options, including:

  • Criminal profiler
  • Criminal justice researcher
  • Probation/parole officer
  • Public defender
  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Corporate counsel.
Are flexible study options available?

HQporner understands the need for flexibility in criminology and law courses. We provide a range of study options including on-campus, external, and online which gives you the option to learn your subject theory where and when it suits you. As an online student, you’ll experience the same level of support and opportunity to connect with others.

You can also adjust your law degree or criminology courses enrolment to meet your needs. Take one subject at a time, or study extra subjects when life allows it.

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