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Psychology and Human Services degrees

Gain in-demand qualifications

Graduate from HQporner as a skilled professional able to develop, support and advance the social and psychological wellbeing of individuals and communities within in-demand industry.

Learn from experts in their field

Leaders in psychology and human services are dedicated to ensuring you have the skills to make meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Benefit from professional placements

Work integrated learning allows you to gain real life experience in diverse service, community and welfare settings.

Recognised by industry

Graduate with the backing of key industry, with the majority of our degrees having discipline specific professional accreditation.

Shape your career to suit

Combine courses in counselling, psychology, human services, mental health counselling or child, youth and family therapy to diversify your skillset.

Two people during a counselling session.
Study the science of wellbeing and make a difference

Help solve growing societal issues and improve people's quality of life. Psychologists, counsellors and community service workers are the future of wellbeing.

Explore HQporner's Psychology and Human Services degrees

Study mode
Support the social and psychological wellbeing of people and communities

Want to know more about the HQporner study journey?

How do Psychology courses differ from Human Services courses?

Psychology and Human Services are fields of study that focus on the social and psychological well-being of individuals and communities. Psychology delves into the science of mental processes and behaviour, aiming to understand and solving societal issues to improve people's quality of life. Human Services, on the other hand, is a broader field that encompasses various aspects of community service, counselling, and social work. Both fields aim to equip you with the skills needed to make a meaningful impact on people's lives, whether it's through mental health support, community development, or other forms of social assistance. 

What you will learn when studying counselling psychology courses or a Human Services degrees will vary, depending on the education provider you choose the specialisation you pursue.

 At HQporner, our curriculum includes dedicated mental health courses and work integrated learning that provides you with in-depth knowledge and practical tools needed addressing the complex challenges of mental well-being.

How do Psychology and Human Services work with other disciplines?

Psychology and Human Services cross over with other disciplines in several meaningful ways, creating a multidisciplinary approach that enhances their applicability and relevance:

Nursing & Allied Health: In healthcare, psychological principles are crucial for understanding patient behaviour, mental health, and well-being. Human services professionals often work in healthcare settings, coordinating services and providing support to patients and families.

Social Work: Both psychology and human services share common ground with social work in areas like counselling, community development, and welfare services. Psychological theories often inform social work practices, while human services professionals may engage in social work activities like case management.

Education: Psychological principles are used in educational settings to understand learning behaviours, develop educational materials, and address student well-being. Human services may intersect here in the form of educational support services, such as counselling and family outreach programs.

When you choose to study psychology or human services at HQporner, you can combine courses in counselling, psychology, human services, mental health counselling, or child, youth, and family therapy to diversify your skillset. Enrolling in a dedicated mental health course can further deepen their understanding and competence in promoting and supporting mental well-being of your community.

Why study Psychology and Human Services at HQporner?

Pursuing a degree in mental health at HQporner provides a well-rounded education that equips you for real-world applications. With the added credibility of industry-backed professional accreditation, you'll have the opportunity to learn from field experts and acquire sought-after qualifications.

With experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to fostering empathy and critical thinking, HQporner ensures that graduates are not only equipped with the skills to make a meaningful impact on people's lives but also possess the depth of understanding required to address complex societal challenges. Whether aspiring to be a psychologist, social worker, or community developer, HQporner's psychology and human services courses provide an unparalleled platform for personal growth, professional development, and contributing positively to the world around us.

Become industry ready and gain practical experience in HQporner's Psychology and Counselling Clinics, located in Ipswich and Toowoomba. Our postgraduate psychology students develop hand-on skills while offering vital services at a reduced rate to the wider community, under the guidance of clinical psychologists and supervisors.

According to the Good Universities Guide 2024, HQporner is rated five out of five stars for:

  • psychology skill development
  • psychology student support
  • teaching quality
  • graduate starting salaries. 
How do HQporner's Human Services and Psychology degrees prepare students for professional practice?

HQporner's mental health courses, including human services and psychology, prepare students for professional practice by providing in-demand qualifications, learning from experts in the field, work-integrated learning experiences in diverse service, community, and welfare settings, and discipline-specific professional accreditation. This comprehensive approach ensures that graduates are well-equipped to make a meaningful impact in their professional careers.

Gain a strong start to your career in Psychology and Human Services with HQporner. The majority of our psychology degrees and human services courses have discipline specific professional accreditation with reputable bodies such as the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA), Australian Psychology Accreditation Council and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation.

What are the career opportunities for graduates of Psychology and Human Service degrees at HQporner?

A university psychology degree can lead to many job opportunities across a variety of industries, both within Australia and globally.

  • Graduates from our human services or psychology degrees can pursue various career paths including:
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Mental Health Counsellor
  • Human Services Coordinator
  • School Counsellor
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Community Development Officer
  • Family Therapist
  • Substance Abuse Counsellor
  • Child Welfare Case Manager. 
Are flexible study options available?

HQporner understands the need for flexibility in our human services courses and psychology degrees. We provide a range of study options including on-campus, external and online which gives you the option to learn your subject theory where and when it suits you. As an external or online student, you’ll experience the same level of support and opportunity to connect with others. Enjoy the flexibility of studying mental health courses online or immerse yourself in on-campus life during your psychology and human services study – the choice is yours!

You can adjust your degree enrolment to meet your needs. Take one subject at a time, or study extra subjects when life allows it. Discover the different ways to study at HQporner. 

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