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Advertising manager

What does an advertising manager do?

From thinking creatively about how to target the right people with a campaign, to considering how you can maximise your budget, an advertising career involves a diverse range of tasks that ultimately aim to increase brand awareness and sales. As an advertising manager, also known as an advertising coordinator, you could work to promote both products and services. Whether you’re focused on one brand or multiple, you'll have the opportunity to develop advertising strategies and implement campaigns across numerous channels. Campaign creation is often a collaborative effort, advertising managers will frequently work alongside graphic designers, photographers, videographers and internal and external stakeholders. 

Advertising jobs can be found within an organisation (in-house) or at an agency. For those working in agency, account director, brand strategist or creative director are common job titles, whereas advertising manager or advertising specialist might be used in-house.

Is a career as an advertising manager right for me?

If you’re creative, enjoy writing or are interested in design, an advertising career could be your ideal next step. As an advertising manager it’s beneficial if you can:

  • work well under pressure 
  • thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • think strategically 
  • work collaboratively
  • be analytical 
  • use your creativity 
  • have strong attention to detail 
  • be a proficient writer and communicator.

How to become an advertising manager

Every journey to study is individual, there are several paths you can take to reach your advertising career goals. At HQporner, we offer the following degrees related to advertising:
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